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Zoom Fatigue … Meeting Fatigue … Fatigue


Zoom Fatigue is real …

A recent study showed that brain activity ‘decreases’ during Zoom or Video Meetings.

And … brain activity increases in F2F meetings.

A compelling reason to meet, F2F.

I even heard a report where the company, ‘Zoom’ is bringing people F2F into their office 2x per week.

Also though, according to a September 2023 article from Forbes, 3 years following the pandemic, businesses have failed to adapt to the new reality of virtual collaboration.

Zoom fatigue has transformed into meeting fatigue.

3 out of 4 workers are being worn down from ‘endless’ meetings.

When people are remote, and Zoom meetings are so easy to schedule it makes it very easy for managers to push the envelope in scheduling them (and I understand the reason … it’s a way to connect with remote workers).

No easy solution, and wanted to get your perspective … what is the ideal mix for F2F, meetings, Zooming in … ?

Probably, no two people will see it exactly the same … but I am curious to get your thoughts on the survey below.

37-50, sun, clouds.

No meetings here.

Make it a great Friday, everyone!

Forbes Article Linked in the comments below.

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Zoom fatigue, meeting fatigue, … workplace fatigue … what is the ‘right mix’ of F2F and Zoom and overall ‘meetings’ for you?

The author can see how you vote. Learn moreZoom fatigue, meeting fatigue, … workplace fatigue … what is the ‘right mix’ of F2F and Zoom and overall ‘meetings’ for you?

F2F 1 / 2 F2F meetings, 4 Zoom


F2F 2, 2 F2F meetings, 3 Zoom


F2F 3+. F2F meet 3+, 2+ Zoom


Other – please comment below


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