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Employer Branding

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We have found that most companies do a wonderful job of marketing their products into the marketplace. They are highly in tune with their product or service offering, and what their value proposition is compared to the competition.

Most companies, however, do not properly brand their company in the marketplace during the interview process. SCN provides a modern employer branding solution that is completely unique, that will help your company stand out from the pack — in a good way — during the hiring process.

The primary components of our employer branding strategy include, but are not limited to, the following:

SCN Search Consulting Process:

  • Designed to give hiring managers and Human Resource Professionals peace of mind with their selection of SCN as the firm of choice for their assignment
  • Mitigates problem situations that occur
  • Professional interaction with candidates which is a positive reflection on our client
  • Professionally, and sensitively, releasing candidates from the interview process who were not selected
SCN Search Consultants Process
Employer Branding Pieces

Custom Employer Branding Pieces

  • Video Podcasts
  • Professional custom employer branding videos that can be presented to candidates during the hiring process
  • Professional branding pieces custom crafted for specific positions
  • Recorded interviews with client

Custom Market Report

A detailed and accurate report that can help with Employer Branding. This report provides critical information for hiring in a market that will assist with the customization of the right recruiting campaign that includes the proper targets and the customized recruiting presentation that will help employers protect their hiring brand during a search. The report includes detailed government data, a comprehensive overview of all social profiles available that match the requirements, specific details on compensation for all people who fit the position requirements and a thorough explanation on how it matches up against compensation on a national basis.

The report also includes SCN Position Statistics, companies with candidates who fit the profile, statistics on total employment, retirement, racial diversity, gender diversity, residential location of workers in the region, competing employers for a similar position, and an SCN Summary of the market.

Custom Market Reports

Our ever present and primary goal is to showcase your innovation and commitment to positive growth.