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“Hiring the right people is important, just like the 30 other things you’re working on …… let us help you lighten your load."

We have recognized that the Human Resource Function, is now the centerpiece of most successful companies. We are serious about our business and the critical role we play in helping companies build their teams, and we can only go as far as our Human Resource Relationships will enable us to do so.

In our world, we work with people, not widgets, or parts, and because people have feelings, emotions, goals, ambitions, and spouses, we realized that we needed to develop a process to try and minimize as many ‘client bombs’ as possible. Problem situations are inevitable when dealing with people; however we have made an incredible commitment to try and get ahead of any possible problem situations that may arise during the journey of a search.
We have created a holistic Search Consulting Process (that is entirely) unique to SCN – meaning that we look at the entire life cycle of the hiring process and the interdependence of its parts.

We have humanized our process, treating candidates as people, focused on meaningful conversations instead of recruiting calls, focused on helping our clients hire passionate performers instead of making placements, and truly focused on a relational approach, instead of transactional.

We have made a commitment to becoming a true partner to the Human Resource Function within our client base.

Examples of Peace of Mind for Human Resources

  • We can be trusted, because we will do what we say we will do, once we commit to doing something, Human Resources will have a Peace of Mind, that the work will be done
  • Our candidates will be prepared for interviews
  • All appointments with managers for interviews will be professionally confirmed
  • We will always follow up on every open loop
  • We will always provide updated status on where things stand, with candidates in play

Life Outcomes for Human Resource Professionals from working with SCN

  • More efficient work life, because they can outsource recruiting to SCN, and focus on other work
  • More likely to get out of the office at a normal hour

The importance of truly listening, and understanding your wants and needs, cannot be overstated.