Be confident. Be honest. Be seen.

Interview Prep

Business Man Evaluating Candidates Interview

When Answering Questions

  • Be descriptive. Don’t answer just “yes” or “no”. Avoid over-answering. Make your answers colorful but not lengthy.
  • Sell yourself to the interviewer but without exaggeration or lies. You are there to market yourself, “blow your own trumpet” and explain why you’d be right for the role but don’t come across as arrogant.
  • Avoid making any negative remarks about your current employer, past employers or colleagues.
  • Be determined. Make it clear that you want the job, even if you are given information in the interview that sheds a new light on the role. Be positive, then evaluate the opportunity again after the interview.
  • Be Accurate. It is ok to pause for thought, and it is ok to admit if you do NOT know the answer.

We will work to reveal all the potential you will bring to your new position.