A Model of Efficiency

Oval Approach

Oval Approach Symbol

An Attitude

  • A relentless approach towards the successful completion of a search

Continuous Communication

  • Internally with Search Team
  • Externally with Clients
  • Externally with Candidates

Our expectation is to know where we stand at every stage of the search process with clients and candidates.

Best Fit Candidate

Best-Fit Candidate

In a Search, the Best-Fit Candidate is the candidate that can do the job, and is someone who most closely matches the client’s ideal candidate, but at the same time, is motivated for the career offering of the client’s C-L-A-M-P-S (Challenge-Location-Advancement-Money-People-Stability).

  • There may be an ideal candidate for a position based on the client’s specification, but the ideal candidate is not motivated for the offering based on the client’s C-L-A-M-P-S, so the search moves to the Best-Fit candidate, one that most closely matches the ideal candidate, but is also ready to say “yes” to the client offering
Best Fit Client

Best-Fit Client

The Best-Fit Client is a company with a hiring need and is interested in the utilization of a firm with the necessary expertise to provide a professional Search Consulting service.

  • There may be a company with a hiring need, but they have unrealistic expectations for what is expected from the candidate, or the Search Consultant. A Best-Fit Client has an open mind, communicates well, is interested in the investment of resources to attract talent, and is solutions based which enables them to receive the highest level of Search Consulting service that is possible.

About the Oval Approach

An oval is fluid and continuous, never ending, and geometrically it contains two perfect circles within it. SCN is the Oval in our model, and inside the oval are two circles, one representing the candidate, and the other the client.

The oval points upward and forward, representing our progression and forward movement in the Search Consulting space. It also represents our Attitude, always moving forward, and reaching for higher achievement.

The oval connects with the circles contained within and represents the continuous communication between SCN, the candidate, and the client, an absolute necessity for effective Search Consulting.

The circles are perfectly contained, and connected within the oval. This represents the Best-Fit candidate, and the Best-Fit client for SCN. All parties working together, fluid, and seamless.

SCN focuses on the development of relationships with candidates and clients, however we work as an extension of the clients to bring top talent into their organizations, therefore the client circle is above the candidate circle in our oval.

Using the Oval Approach model to identify problems

Unrealistic Expectations - Oval Approach Symbol

Candidates that have unrealistic expectations

Limited Skills

Candidates with limited skills and experience

Positive Attitude

Candidates that do not have a positive attitude

Onerous Agreements

Clients that have onerous agreements

Clients Without Interest

Clients without interest in top talent and not willing to invest necessary resources

True symbiosis is a matter of patience, careful consideration and commitment to thorough investigation.