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Our Client

A company that is interested in hiring great people. We look for clients that are partners, who do not settle for a numbers game, or a faceless automated system. Our clients understand the demanding realities of a quality search and invest upfront time with us, sharing the details of what is needed, and what is wanted.

You are:

  • A hiring manager and have an endless list of priorities and a short amount of time to get them done. Describing yourself as “busy” is a monstrous understatement. You do not have the time or inclination to pore over every word on every resume that comes your way, review every person that happens to want to work at your company.
  • Constantly on the prowl looking for good people to bring on your team, and now you need someone.

You have experienced:

  • “Headhunters”. A headhunter is a person who sends you sanitized resumes with little or no extra information. 

You want:

  • More than an inbox of unfiltered resumes, you want someone to do the heavy lifting so you do not have to.
  • Someone to find people with the right experience, the right education, the particular qualifications you may need for the position. And most importantly, you want candidates that not only can do the work, but want to do the work, the right Attitude.

You will experience a difference with SCN:

  • With our Oval Approach®, you will receive the most passionate and results-oriented attitude towards the successful completion of a search that is possible, along with a commitment for continuous communication.
  • With our ‘3 and 5’ Search Process, you will be provided highly vetted candidates that have already made it through the gauntlet of our interviews, as we learn about the person behind the resume.
  • Because our Search Consultants are business people first, we can help you save time through
    • Supplying you with pertinent information that you can easily process
    • Providing additional information to bring you deeper insight into the submitted candidates
    • Consulting to help you make informed hiring decisions

Do not let your previous experiences define your future engagement. There is a proper and practiced way.