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A client shared with one of our search consultants recently, “We need help. The candidate we just offered turned us down”.

OK, on it!

Should a written offer ever be turned down though?

Text book version.


If recruiter and internal hiring team are on the same page, and if the candidate is transparent, then simply no.

“Here are the benefits and the starting number you asked for. Please sign and return the offer”.

“What do you mean you are not accepting now … “?

The real world is not a text book.


The desire for $, even at the expense of reputation.

And sometimes offers are delivered without a series of deeper conversations that are needed, to truly understand ‘why’ the position is a match.

“You want to get off the road traveling after all??”…….

Before offers are delivered, it’s paramount to understand why the candidate should, or should not accept the job.

We love it when a candidate tells us ‘no’ before the offer is delivered.

Not the right match, OK, catch you next time.

It takes experience, gut instinct, and high level skill to conduct a proper search.

I’m proud to work with such a group, who know how to deliver here, and mitigate turn downs as much as possible.

Not turning down the weather, 65-85, sunny.

Off to the Foam Expo North America today, have a great one!


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The importance of truly listening, and understanding your wants and needs, cannot be overstated.