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We found a perfect candidate (on paper) for a sales position in ‘AREA A’, where the client company has an office.

‘AREA B’ is where most target candidates for this position exist (because that is where most of the customers are located).

To find a candidate near ‘AREA A’ who also has experience calling on ‘AREA B’ is like hitting an eclipse.

But our stellar recruiting team found one … and this candidate is motivated for change!

High Fives!

We got this.

Incredible work.

The caveat is that the candidate is required to come into the office every day.

Without hesitation …. the candidate said … “no thanks”.

Just onto the next candidate now???

What just happened? ….

Maybe a compromise … a couple of days in?


The search now has become an eclipse … with two meteors streaming in opposite directions and then colliding into each other.

The client has their reasons for wanting the candidate to come into the office.

Pre-pandemic, the candidate would have gone into the office daily, without hesitation.

But in the new world of work order … if coming into the office on a daily basis is a pre-requisite … each and every day … we can help you find those people.

They do exist.

Good professionals.


But … on tight specs … you’re likely going to have to do some training.

27-40, more heatwave.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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