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Wild World of AI


Some highlights in the wild world of AI:

1. OpenAI is an AI research and deployment company that ensures AI is used to benefit humanity. It was originally formed in 2015 as a non-profit organization.

2. OpenAI was founded by Sam Altman (along with Elon Musk and renowned tech investor, Petier Thiel) … Sam Altman is considered to be the ‘mad scientist’ in AI technology.

3. In 2019, OpenAI transitioned into a capped, ‘for-profit’ entity.

4. In 2020-2023, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT and other advanced AI technologies. They also formed a partnership with Microsoft.

5. A couple of weeks ago (Nov. 17th), Sam Altman was removed as CEO (by the independent OpenAI board) … citing ‘lack of confidence’. This was followed by several executives resigning, in loyalty to Altman.

6. On November 20th, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, hired Altman directly (along with other OpenAI Execs), to form a new AI Research Team. I don’t think Nadella is going to limit this group to capped profits.

OK … what’s behind some of these key moves by the OpenAI Board?

1. Several staff researchers wrote a letter to the board of directors warning of a powerful AI discovery, that could threaten humanity, it is believed that this could be an internal project called, “Q” (and some have reported that this tech surpasses humans in most economically valuable tasks) … and specifically this new model could solve complex mathematical problems, the foundation for AGI (artificial general intelligence).

2. The OpenAI Board was worried about commercializing advances, before understanding the consequences.

What does this mean for society?

Who knows for sure … but right now Microsoft is in the leading position in terms of AI’s impact in the modern world.

Will they act responsibly (as the OpenAI Board wanted)?

Or will they try to quickly turn AI tech into a profit machine, regardless of impact on society?

Based on Altman’s moves, it sure seems like the latter.

Curious about your thoughts on what’s coming ahead?

18-27, clouds, sun … and snow is on the ground here in SE-MI.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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Microsoft has Altman and team working for them directly as employees, will their developments in improve society … or just create clutter?

The author can see how you vote. Learn moreMicrosoft has Altman and team working for them directly as employees, will their developments in improve society … or just create clutter?

Yes – good will come


No – Microsoft only wants $


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