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It was nice hearing some of the things our clients and candidates shared with us over these past couple of weeks.

Gregg Arneson and Caryn Blaszczak
He started yesterday and is proceeding through our onboarding process. Many thanks to the SCN team! Thanks again to you and your team for finding such a great addition to the team!

Susan Perris and Stacey Bernson
Hello Susan & Stacey,
Thank you very much for all of your hard work and support throughout this process. If it weren’t for you and the SCN team, this likely wouldn’t have happened… and for me this is a life changing opportunity and a welcome challenge. Thanks again! I look forward to working with you and the SCN team in the future as we ramp up the office here in Detroit.

Susan Perris and Barbara Castellini
Hi Susan, called to update that I have resigned from my role. All good to start on the 15th of April. THANK YOU for ALL that you did.

Susan Perris and Stacey Bernson
Thank you, Susan! Congratulations to you as well! You and your team are a dream to work with.

Sarah Hamilton and Stacey Bernson
Thank you! And thanks for all your support. You and your staff were a great help to me. 👍🎉

Brendan Moriarty and Elizabeth Jerrell, MBA
I like to keep my partners updated on their placements over the years. Wanted to let you know that Andrew is excelling in his role and had a great performance review here. He’s currently the point person for our corporate quality team to support the new PA plant we’re building.

Nice work, everyone!

47-56, rain.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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