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What’s Your Greatest Weakness?


One of the most popular interview questions.

What a great opportunity!

A chance to get real.

A chance to be vulnerable, which also is chance to build trust.

If you give a ridiculous answer though, “I work too hard”, then your opportunity to build trust has been lost.

Question avoided with a modest flex.

You’ll also blow up the interview with these types of answers, “Working with people drives me crazy”, or “I just can’t get motivated to do my job anymore”.

Look for the sweet spot.

Something that you hope to improve upon.

“I’m looking to become more efficient in Excel”.

“I’m really trying to work on my presentation skills”.

“I’ve been working on time blocking, to improve my efficiency, I want to keep improving here”.

“I’m really trying to not grab a cookie every time someone brings them into the office, because I am a junk food addict”.

Video yesterday from my seat in the office.


Today, balmy 31 degrees getting up to 53, no precipitation.

Hint of sunshine.

Speedo weather.

Make it a great one!


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