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What’s happening?


Not the 1970’s classic sitcom, ‘What’s Happening?!’, starring Freddie ‘Rerun” Stubbs.

But, what’s happening in the world of work?

And what can you do about it?

What’s happening?

Companies are doing what they do … respond to their environment and make moves to get their profitability in line with their expectations.

Stellantis announced a plan to lay-off or accept buyouts of 6,400 white collar workers in the USA.

More people are being called back to work, F2F in the office.

Managers are losing tolerance for workers who want to be remote for issues such as raising kids and / or watching over elderly parents.

Managers want people to travel as is required to be successful.

Managers are expecting full contribution from their employees, whether they are in the office or at home.

An increasing amount of workers are getting let go from positions (over-market compensation … not producing efficiently).

What can you do about it?

The most important word in remote work is …. ‘work’ … if you have the ability to work remotely, make sure that you put in full days, and over-communicate.

Create the right habits to produce, whether you are in the office or remote … a huge trend that has happened because of remote work, is a more casual approach put toward one’s work .. this rarely lasts.


Get care for children or parents while you are remote or in the office.

The back and forth animosity between most companies and employees will never end … it’s past that point … case in point 6,400 families at Stellantis disrupted … just like that.

Numbers on a balance sheet.

People filled with emotion … tears … bills to pay … identity stripped away … gut punch.

The momentum coming out of the pandemic was with employees, who had the upper hand.

The momentum today is with employees still in positions of high demand, or need … such as technical people who work well hands-on with products or machines.

The momentum will also always be there for employees who go above and beyond … and do things that nobody else wants to do.

But the companies are now fighting back against people who have not put in the full amount of work or have developed habits while away from the office that are keeping them from full production.

They have figured out the measuring and monitoring systems and they are making moves.



Within a couple of years … interest rates will drop … Boomers will continue to leave the workforce at an increasing rate …

The open positions will far surpass the available workers … even more so than today …

The cycle will start again.

Disgruntled employees will become motivated candidates and will change positions without hesitation .. by the millions.

And that’s .. what’s happening.

32-53, sun.

Have a great day, everyone!

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