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What Will You Become?


Emily just completed her fourth and final Big East Conference Championship Swim Meet.

It’s all over.

Great swims, some personal bests.

But it was her resilience, poise, confidence, and leadership that surfaced throughout the season and at the end of season meet that caught the attention of these old eyes.

Fighting through and making up missed practices because of the student teaching schedule.

Knowing just when to turn it on during longer events such as the mile (66 laps).

Going into all of the event finals with the belief that her best times were in front of her.

Sending out group messages and pats on the back, hugs, conversations with teammates after adversity set in and leadership was needed.

It’s what she has become, after 4 years of development and sacrafice as a member of the Xavier University Swim Team.

A swim program where nobody enters the transfer portal.

What will you become?

How will you develop?

These are critical components of selection in the job search.

People, culture, training, development programs …. it is so challenging to find the right special combination in these areas … but companies who are able to do it are incredibly hard to surpass.

43-68, heat wave.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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