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In Warroad, MN … it’s hockey.

The town of 2,000 people, near the Canadian border would appear to be a random small town in America if you were passing through.

But because Hockey matters most in this town, they’ve produced some of the best players to ever skate.

“Hockeytown, USA” … (which … many of us here in the ‘D’ would beg to differ of course) …. maybe Warroad can be “Hockeytown, USA, Jr.”.

“Hockeytown, USA … Jr.” has produced 5 NHL players, 7 Olympians, and more than 80 Division 1 Hockey Players.

Their secret sauce ….

Developing skills.

Encouraging development.

Hard work.

Focusing on overcoming adversity.

Community support.

Family Support.

Grit towards anything and anything hockey.

Commitment and manifestation towards outcomes always goes a long way.

Just ask those who are a long way away … those in Warroad, MN.

Heat wave in SE-MI … 33-38, clouds.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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