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What is Valued Most?


I did a bit of hands-on recruiting yesterday, helping out for people who are on vacation.

I spoke to a candidate who is overpaid right now, 40% above market rate.

Why are you looking to move? “I just can’t keep grinding like this, every day, every week”.

In the ’80’s this person would have been on cloud nine, making bank and working all the time.

Got me thinking regarding the 2023 updates … what is valued in the world of work these days?

For one, I know remote work (Location), is desired more than ever.

Please jump in below and share what is the most valued by you.

64-81, sunny … Pure Michigan.

Make it a great day!

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What is most valued by you when looking at work?

The author can see how you vote. Learn moreWhat is most valued by you when looking at work?

Challenge 12%

Location (And Remote Capable) 19%

Advancement and / or Money $ 29%

Culture of Company 40%

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