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What Goes Around … Comes Around


“What do you think of Harbaugh?” …

Hmm …

An incredible coach.


Top 99th percentile.

His players and staff love him.

They play for him.

Sign of a great leader.

Everyone else that he comes acrosss …

NFL owners.

General Managers.

School Administrators.

Conference commissioners.

NCAA officials.



He pretty much rubs them the wrong way.


For years on end.

The ego that enables him and his team to exude confidence when his team takes the field …

Also has created bitter animosity with everyone else.

That approach I guess is fine … if you or your program are squeaky clean.

But when it’s not … there is extra motivation for all those who have been rubbed the wrong way over time … to come back and claim their little piece of Harbaugh and his program when given the opportunity.

The UM team is dominant. The incredible body of work has started to show itself.

And Harbaugh is now in the second stretch of suspensions in a single season.

6 total games suspended.

All the work is tainted.

Even if the team were to win it all.

If Harbaugh had been cooperative with anyone in the NCAA, league office, etc. or at least respectful of these entities over the years … he’d probably not been suspended and all of the distractions would have been brushed under the rug with a minor slap on the wrist.

But he’s never been that.

What goes around. Comes around …

56-32, sun, rain, clouds.

Make it a great Friday, everyone!

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