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What are your Expectations?


It’s one of the most common questions we ask candidates during the recruiting process.

Open ended.

Typical answers focus on checklist items.



Remote work.

Then the candidate typically asks a question or two about the company, the manager, etc.

I’ve always felt though, the more important candidate question should be …

What can I become if I join this organization?

Deeper than the standard checklist.

Yes of course, the standard checklist items need to be there to move.

But how will you transform as a person and as a professional, if you join this organization?

This .. separates the truly great companies from the rest of the pack.

The ability to impact people, beyond just the job responsibilities.

Very few people get the opportunity to join such companies in their career.

So then, how do companies transform people?

In a variety of ways.

Starting point … to have reasonably challenging expectations for the people who join.

Because transformation cannot happen without some tension.

Pull a rubber band … and release …

There is energy there.

Don’t pull so hard that it breaks …

Here are our expectations …

The Pygmalion Effect.

High expectations lead to improved performance … and low expectations lead to worse.

If you want to be great.

It starts with expectations.

Both ways.

And … it’s ok to be great.

It’s ok.

27 degrees … 27 degrees … 27 degrees …

Not great.

Not stopping us though … we’re going to make it a great day!


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The importance of truly listening, and understanding your wants and needs, cannot be overstated.