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We’re Making Money … Just not Enough …


Heard about a note that was recently sent to the employees of a large OEM of Commercial Vehicles.

*Over the last 5 years, our team’s hard work, dedication and commitment have been instrumental to our collective achievements.

*Together we have effectively executed our strategy.

*We are committed to our strategy and investing in our priorities.

*However, we are not making enough money (paraphrasing).

*So we will be parting from many of our talented colleagues across our production and salaried workforce.

*These actions are not taken lightly.

Big companies have a ton to offer.

But they are ruthless if the numbers are not being met.

A profitable company letting good people go.

Just not enough profit.

What has the business world come to?

It’s why you should not burn bridges in the industry.

It’s why you should proactively network, and keep the dialogue going with recruiters who are in your space.

And it’s also why companies who are loyal to their people are exceptional places to call home.

Stay thirsty.

66-88, some rain and clouds.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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