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Riding on the San Francisco cable car this past weekend was one of the most
interesting means of transportation that I’ve been a part of.

The steep hills of San Francisco were too difficult for horse and buggies to navigate the cobble stone streets when it rained, which led to the 1873 development of the underground cable system that propels the trolleys to this day.

Think of a long cable, continuously moving in a loop underground. And above ground the trolleys latch onto the moving cable and off of it through a gear system which is controlled with pedals and levers by an operator.

The levers also allow for varying degrees of speed based on a brake system.

The cable system is powered by steam turbines and has a great, steady power, keeping the cables moving at a consistent speed.

The cable cars run on tracks above ground, just like trains, and move along regular routes throughout the city.

Not the most efficient means of transportation, but vintage trolley’s offer a fun look into the past; no seat belts, and you can just stand hanging onto the side and lean over if you’d to take a look ahead or behind you.

A nice reminder as to how far we’ve advanced with mobility.

Autonomous electric vehicles, hydrogen powered high-speed trains, and soon flying eVTOL taxis will be mainstream.

More changes coming.

An exciting time and a privilege to support such an incredible industry.

Also exciting, 50-81 and sun.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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