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Vacation Time

The month of July is always the month where the most people are out of the office, on vacation.
But with cell phones, it’s tough to truly unplug and get away.
Top performers often times stay connected and in control of their desk.
It’s in their DNA.
It’s what they want to do.
Others completely get away.
And yet others check what’s happening, but don’t engage unless absolutely necessary.
PTO means different things to different people.
It got me thinking.
What is your or your company’s perspective on PTO?
Please vote and comment below.
66-88 today.
Make it a great day, everyone!
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PTO in 2023

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You are away but covering desk 13%

Observing, ready if necessary 50%

Completely off work grid 37%


Jim Guerrera

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Jim Guerrera

Jim Guerrera, Managing Director, founded SCN in 2000. Jim is primarily responsible for the development of the leaders at SCN, strategic planning, the hiring and development of company associates, culture leadership, core value leadership, sales le...

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