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Many … many years ago (old), I was told by a professor in an MBA Class, that a key to management is to not only understand people, but also to manage expectations for people.

He said that in a hypothetical scale of 1-10, that someone who is a 5, is always going to be a 5 and therefore if you expect them to be a 5, it’ll help you in your relationship with them.

But if you expect that person to be a 9 or a 10, you’re going to be severely disappointed … unnecessarily.

Numbers on the scale can change over time, and they can be subjective or you can apply objective numbers to them as well.

The key is to tune into the number of what they actually are, and it’ll help you then manage your expectations.

As managers, can we try to help someone move from a 6 to an 8?  Yes, it’s been done before. 

Effective management is a continuous process of always trying to do this.

But check the ego, because it’s possible it may not happen.

Understanding expectations.

It’s helped me manage relationships personally and professionally over the course of time.

I’m sharing it today, because just recently I’ve tapped into it as well.

Expecting a 10 from someone and they are not … and to then become disappointed … that’s on me.


I just need to adjust the expectation.

A 6 or a 7 is what I should expect.

OK. Makes sense now.

Not disappointed.

All good.


No relief from the heat today.

Up to 86 and muggy.

Make it a great Monday, everyone!


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The importance of truly listening, and understanding your wants and needs, cannot be overstated.