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UAW Settlements


It was a bit uncertain for awhile, as a few rogue plants turned down the offers …

Emperor Has No Clothes …

Settled … for now though … through April 2028 as Ford and Stellantis workers joined GM in approving the national contracts a couple of days ago.

As predicted, carmakers have already adjusted with layoffs and increased pricing of vehicles and squeezes on their suppliers.

TBD … between now and 2028 … supply chain, manufacturing locations, automation, and EV adoption.

If anything … it’ll be an interesting run.

Fortune … and carnage … depending on how one adapts to the environment.


Couple of good pieces of entertainment on Organized Labor.

The book, “Meet You in Hell” … A fascinating story of Andrew Carnegie and Henry Clay Frick, and the bloody steelworkers’ strike that transformed their relationship from allies into a bitter rivalry, and shaped corporate and labor relationships in America.

The movie, “The Trotsky” … A fictitious story of a privileged Canadian private high school student, who believed he was the reincarnation of socialist revolutionary Leon Trotsky. His attempt to unionize the workers at his parent’s privately held manufacturing company, prompted them to pull him from private school. While in the public school system, he found his favorite place, the Student Union … and then lead a sit-in with students who were held in detention.

The movie, “Fist” … Sylvester Stallone plays a Cleveland warehouse worker that is loosely based on the Teamsters Union leader, Jimmy Hoffa as he leads a struggle on behalf of the ‘Federation of Inter-State Truckers’ (FIST).


31-42, clouds.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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