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Curious, are you familiar with Nuclear Fusion?

Well, it is arguably the most important futuristic technology on the horizon.

Could it become the single most important advancement in technology in our lifetime?

It’d be hard to argue this point, since it would be the basis for a sustainable environment for the entire future of humanity.

Nuclear fusion (merging of light atomic nuclei) will produce energy with near-zero carbon emissions, without creating dangerous radioactive waste associated with ‘nuclear fission’ (think traditional nuclear power plants).

The Primary Benefits:
1. Clean, zero carbon emissions and overall minimal environmental impact
2. Energy security for society, as the fuel is able to be stored wherever there is water
3. Unlimited supply of energy, no fuel constraints or supply chain challenges
4. A scalable form of energy, assuming limited regulation
5. Safety advantaged (meltdown not possible)

The Primary Challenges:
1. Developing materials that can withstand fusion conditions for decades, such as extreme heat and neuron damage
2. No facility exists today where materials can be fully tested
3. Need to finalize process to convert the energy into electricity

We are still several years away, so why bring this up now?

A recent article just popped up where some of the scientists believe that fusion is possibly by 2030.

Can’t wait to see how things come … fusing together!

Article linked below in the comments.

26-34, sunshine, clouds, sunshine.

Make it a great day!

(Article linked in comments below)

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Have you been aware of nuclear fusion and its possible impact on society?

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