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In our mission to offer the best white glove service possible for our clients … we’re trying to raise awareness internally ….

White Glove Service … Yes.

White Glove Service … No.

White Glove Service … only if you did this.

Some of our wonderful people have been caught off guard a bit with the corrections …

But if complacency is allowed … or if situations arise that fail to comply with the White Glove Standard are allowed to continue … then it’ll never change.

And a disservice is done to the associate … failed opportunity for development.

Anyone who is in a position of influence has a responsibility to the corporation to ensure that operations meet the standards which are set.

And sometimes it’s just no fun being a manager … but if it’s got to get done … then the responsibility is there to do it.

Side Note:

It’s also important in 2024 and beyond .. for leaders and managers … to show as much grace as possible when making corrective actions. It’s not always possible with remote work, and hectic schedules.

But it should always be the goal.

Doing good work … is not easy.

Responsible management … is not easy.

Development … is not easy.

But these are all needed for sustainability …

32-37, wind, snow, clouds, rain, sun, snow, rain …. and I’m not kidding.

Make it a great Friday, everyone!

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