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They’d be Lucky to Have Me ….


A candidate shared that with us recently before his final interview.

Hold on ….

Hold on …

He was right.

They would be lucky to have him.

He’s a great candidate …

However … you can never approach an interview with that type of mindset.

Even if it’s true.

The attitude you convey towards the interviewer is always the most important part of getting a job offer.

The words you say.

How you say them.

The body language.

Confidence is a characteristic of high achievers ….

But too much confidence …. and a pinch of cockiness … never works.

Even if you are the best candidate in the world ….

How about this instead …

I think I’m a great fit for them … and I think the are a great fit for me … it’d be a pleasure to continue the conversation to see if I can get in a position to receive an offer. If the offer is competitive with my expectations for compensation, then I definitely would be inclined to say, ‘yes’.

50-67, here in Tampa, FL (for an MRI Network Global Search recruiting conference).

Make it a great day, everyone!

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The importance of truly listening, and understanding your wants and needs, cannot be overstated.