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The Recruiting Process


Just recently my daughter gave a verbal commitment to an ACC school for the diving team, for the 2024 graduating class.

She was down to two great schools in the end and it was a big relief to get it over with.

But even after she gave her commitment, I couldn’t help but question the decision.

Father buyer’s remorse.

But what about this, that, etc.?

The recruiting process.

It’s impossible to have it all the way figured out.

As a 3rd party recruiter it’s super easy to question candidates who back out at the last minute.

Or change their mind after giving verbal commitments.

But this recent college recruiting experience was a nice reminder for me that we are all human after all.

And humans do change their minds.

And that’s why recruiting is such a beautiful profession to begin with.

People working with people, towards the development of new relationships and new teams.

It isn’t always pretty.

But not many other things are as meaningful or impactful as bringing great people together.

After all of the back and forth in my mind, she was steadfast, comfortable, and 100% confident in her decision.

She knew what she was doing.

It was Dad who was jumpy.

This old recruiter father feels good about it now.

Even though it wasn’t easy, it will turn into an incredibly meaningful outcome for my daughter.

That’s recruiting.

69-91, sunny.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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