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A hiring manager came back to us yesterday wanting to interview a candidate that was presented to him before the holidays.
He was busy at the time and unable to interview.
Now, he’s ready.
Holiday madness is behind him.
And … the CEO wants to know what happened with the open req.
Time to take the package off the shelf.

Unfortunately … the package has already been opened by another company.
The candidate is now employed elsewhere.
The outside world.
Not the ever-expanding universe … or what’s beyond the edge of our maps.
Or the objects that were shot down recently by the US armed forces.
But anything that is taking place work-wise, outside of our closed or restricted or possibly even ‘remote work’ environment.
I appreciate a good hike in the woods as much as anyone.
But in business, we cannot close ourselves off to events happening outside of our world.

Especially managers.

Sensitivity and awareness of what is happening ‘out there’ could be the difference between success and failure.
 Successes and failures make or break careers.
It’s harder to keep multiple things moving at once, and it takes time and energy to connect with others.
But it’s more important than ever … magnified to the 1,000th power with remote work.
So get out there … and see what is happening outside of your closed environment.
Visits to the office.
Proactive calls to others.
Lunches Out.
Drinks on a Friday.
See the world … the one that exists just outside of the closed world of your work.
What’s also happening out there in SE-MI, is that it’s not sunny yet.
Still overcast, and gray.
And a little chilly.

A mild, blah winter so far.
But we’re warming up at SCN.

Sales are climbing.

Make it a great day everyone!
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Jim Guerrera

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