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The Noise …

Here Comes The Noise …. a classic song by Small Faces.
It could have been perfectly written, for 2023.
It sure doesn’t seem like the noise is stopping any time soon in the modern world … and the modern business world.
Hostility is abundant.
American politics.

The 24 hour news cycle, social media, and general click bait galore on the internet isn’t going to stop it anytime soon.
Heck, even ‘Swift-Kelce’, has created a strong ‘for’ or ‘against’.

One of the most important ways to arm ourselves is to develop strategies to block out the noise in this wild and chaotic world in which we live.
Peace of mind.

1. Blocking Out the Noise – Workwise
My best recommendation, is to develop checklists, prioritize, and attack each item 1 x 1.
Schedule time blocks where you focus on uninterrupted work.
Self-discipline is critical.
When it’s time to work … be intentional … work.
2. Blocking Out the Noise – Away from Work

Curious on your thoughts here?

Your strategies?

Look forward to your thoughts below.

Noise isn’t slowing us down here at SCN – Search Consulting Network.
Getting after it and trust you are as well!
Make it a great day everyone!

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How do you find peace of mind when away from work?

The author can see how you vote. Learn moreHow do you find peace of mind when away from work?

Immersing in nature




Reflection in a Quiet Place


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