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The Empire Strikes Back


Just this week:

1. Had a meeting with someone who re-scheduled because they had a hard stop 30 minute lunch break and could not go a minute longer.

She is working remotely …

2. One president told me recently that their software system captures log-in time for work, and then every single key stroke that’s made on the computer is recorded.

They let 6 people go this past quarter because they reported work, and were not working.

3. We placed a candidate who was terminated from a position, because he got caught golfing during a conference call.

Big Brother knows what’s going on.

No matter the location.

After covid employees had the upper hand with flexibility and the freedom to work without constraints or detailed monitoring.

It happened quickly.

Companies have since adjusted.

More companies are now closely monitoring and inspecting the remote workforce.

Striking back.

They want people to come back into the office regularly, either full-time or at least a few days a week.

And for people who work remotely, the checks and measures are now in place like never before.

Reconciling reported work, with actual work completed.

Remote work is mostly possible because of the incredible technology in place that enables it to happen.

This same technology also shows managers exactly what was completed.

There are too many good reasons why remote work will be a lasting influence in the world of work.

I am personally in favor of the remote work option because of all the efficiencies that can be realized.

But if you are not self-motivated or self-disciplined, and you benefit from in-person structure, you may consider getting a position that is close by where you can pop into the office regularly.

Because if 2023 is anything, it’s an indicator that if you are not productive remotely, eventually it will catch up to you.

71-89, rain, clouds, sun, rain.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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