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The recent NFL Draft here in Detroit shed light on an incredible evolution for The ‘D’.

Downtown Detroit has become one of the best urban reinvention stories in the US.

Sure the NFL Draft had the biggest turnout in history (775,000 fans that beat Nashville’s 2019 record of 600,000), reflective of Detroit’s love of sports.

But the visitors to the city were stunned at how nice the city was, how easy it was to get around, and how incredible the variety of entertainment options were for them.

Detroit has come a long way, caught in a down cycle for many years, familiar to many midwestern rust belt cities. Starting in the 1980’s, there were layoffs and mass exoduses of companies and workers from the city, going all the way to the low point in 2013 when Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy (the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in US history).

But credit Detroit Mayor Duggan, The Planning Commission, Key Invetors, Businesses, and its residents for putting together an incredibly positive turnaround.

The city is also growing its residential population.

A thriving metropolitan area, with more fresh water escapes than any state in the country make Detroit (and Michigan) a prime opportunity for companies to enter into the market for the next generation of workers.

Michigan has always been the global leader in Advanced Manufacturing, going back to the early 1900’s and the first mass production line from Henry Ford.

Over 100 years later, the business climate future here in Michigan is brighter than ever.

Say, “YES”.

56-70, clouds, sunshine.

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