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Tell me Why …..


Famous lyrics from the ‘Backstreet Boys’, and also a song by Jerry Gray in 1951, and also Neil Young in the 1970s.

Books have been written about, ‘Why’.

‘Why’ … must be important …

‘Why’ is especially important when it comes to explaining reasons for job changes.

The world has been on fire these past few years, with Covid, The Great Resignation, The Great Corporate Re-Set, Inflation, Supply Chain challenges, AI, energy transformation, etc.

All of these changes have forced a lot of great workers out of their positions as companies have adjusted to the market.

The truth is that companies do prefer candidates who have not changed jobs frequently, recently.

The belief is that if they hire the person, there is a likelihood that the person will leave again once things get challenging, as indicated by the track record of changing.

Or they will change when a time measured approach to accountability sets in.

I know first-hand, there are a lot of great workers who have changed jobs frequently, recently.

And if you are one of them … and if you are in the interview game right now, here is my suggestion.

Get your story written up, typed up, …. and make it incredibly polished …. get your elevator pitch in place so that the hiring parties believe what you are selling.

Get copies of your reviews.

Get articles showing the company made mass lay-offs.

Show a progression of proof of accomplishment.

Show the ‘Why’ you are a reliable candidate, worthy of an offer.

Because if your story and reasons are not compelling … it doesn’t matter how great you may be.

Or how bad you are willing to contribute.

The job change stigma will outweigh all of your good intentions .. and the job you should have had, will slip through the cracks.

And that’s why.

23-46, sunshine.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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It takes a bit of thought, and extra touch … are you accustomed to explaining ‘why’ in your business communications?

The author can see how you vote. Learn moreIt takes a bit of thought, and extra touch … are you accustomed to explaining ‘why’ in your business communications?





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