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Taylor Swift: Miss Americana – NetFlix Documentary


Father of 3 girls, getting geared up for the Taylor Swift concert next week.


On the upcoming album – “There is so much pressure putting new music out. If I don’t beat everything I’ve done previously, it’ll be a colossal failure”.

On not getting nominated for the 2018 Grammy’s – “I just gotta make a better record”.


Taylor’s intensity, and determination are the essence of her greatness.

Qualities that have enabled her to create a brand unrivaled.

Which then leads to Ticketmaster crashing … and a run on parking in downtown Detroit.

It’s impossible to imagine Swift level of success in a normal professional life.

But mustering up the best level of focus, and intensity that you are able to, will sure help on the path towards your definition of success.

Sure, there’ll be bumps in the road.

But then you just gotta, “Shake it Off”.

Not shaking, but embracing the 64-83 degree, sunny day.

Make it a great one, everyone!


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