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Talking it Through …


97+% of the candidates we place stay with the company for an extended period of time.

Well beyond a year for sure.

But every once in awhile we’ll hear from a candidate that we placed who is unhappy with their new position, after a month or two on the job.

Manager said this during the interview … but it’s not true.

Manager told me this … but it’s the exact opposite.

Manager micro-manages me.

Manager has a weird habit of ‘doing X’ …

I can’t …

When we get these calls, it’s usually 50 / 50 … half the time the candidate is right … they need to make the move out.

The other half … after a consulting talk … they see a different perspective … we equip them with strategies to work through the obstacles … and then things progress.

Talking it through.

One of the most important gifts we can give to each other in this world.



Helping someone navigate a situation that is challenging for them.

Being a voice of reason.

It’s human nature to draw conclusions based on something we see or hear … and in reality … it just may not be entirely accurate.

Next time you hear something or see something that isn’t right … find someone to talk it through.

FYI … Talking it through … means actual verbal conversations … directly one on one … F2F or over the phone … or video conference.

Not just texting … 😀

56-64, sunshine.

Make it a great Friday everyone!


Shawn Fain is giving an announcement this afternoon.

His platform when running for the Union Presidency was: no concessions, no corruption, no tiers.

A great platform for getting elected. 

Corruption – There has been rampant corruption in the UAW organization, including bribes and embezzlement … former presidents and a CFO

No tiers – A noble initiative to fight for.

No concessions – Not realistic in negotiation.

The ‘no negotiation’ mindset remains the fear still for the car makers.

So much so, that GM just took out a $6B line of credit.

All of the car makers continue to lay off workers because of the strike.

At some point there will be an X$ number for the companies and the UAW to settle on …. wouldn’t it be better to get to that # in 5 days, vs. 30, 40, or more?

Let’s hope for the sake of hundreds of thousands of innocent, industry related non UAW people who are being negatively impacted, that the message from Fain today will be about progress made, and not calls for more people to walk the picket line.


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The importance of truly listening, and understanding your wants and needs, cannot be overstated.