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The ability to maintain or support a process continuously over time.

Typically, it refers to resources … seeking long-term solutions.

From an environmental standpoint, sustainability includes meaningful initiatives such as climate action, avoiding the use of plastic bags to keep the oceans clean, planting trees to protect the environment, responsible consumption and production, recycling, etc.

Yesterday, November 15th was National Recycle Day … a good time to mention sustainability.

I don’t think anyone in the modern society, couldn’t improve their contributions to a sustainable environment, myself included.

Arguably, nothing else for society could be more important.

My simple view of sustainability is to consider long-term actions … for all decisions made.

Short-term … and the long-term.

Consideration of the long-game is where we fail the most in society … and where most failures occur in the business world.

Over-hiring … when there is good momentum in the business.

Over-firing … when sales go south temporarily.

Not hiring great people when they present themselves for hire.

Low-ball offers for someone, that would be an eventual flight risk, should they choose to accept.

Stellantis offering buyouts to over 6,400 workers … does the work these people were doing just immediately disappear?

Nothing used to be more sustainable than working for an OEM … nothing could be further from the truth these days … Stellantis going through two rounds of buyouts in 2023 as did Ford this year and last year.

UAW local unions recently hesitating to ratify the recent nationally negotiated agreements …. what?????  As if the corporations won’t counter these moves?

Moving in and out of relationships as things vacillate into a downward cycle.

Accepting a position that is more money, without consideration of other factors that are important in a sustainable position.

Managers not fully explaining all expectations in a position or of the company, and then the employee leaves shortly thereafter because of the miscommunication.

Employees not providing consistent or sustainable effort, while working in a remote environment where freedom is provided.

Not treating people with dignity, or respect.

Making any kind of decision without long-term considerations.

A huge opportunity for anyone who is a part of society … or participating into the world of business.

Short-term is easy to see … long-term takes critical thinking, analysis, and vision … what could or would it look like if we did this ….


37-60, sun, clouds.

Sustaining our efforts here at SCN … trust you are as well.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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