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“Jim, EVs and green energy are killing the economy. Why don’t you write about that?”

Well … thanks for popping into my DM.

I’m always up for a conversation!

The plans in the USA for shifting to EVs have not been smooth.

We’ve struggled mightily, especially when compared to other countries in Europe and Asia.

There have been mistakes at the government level.

There have been mistakes by the OEMs, inaccurate forecasts, which have hurt their employees, shareholders, and suppliers.

OEM profits though are still through the roof, and the recent relief from the white house in delays in fines for non-EV production has given OEMs even more cushion on the bottom line.

It’s the suppliers who have been hit hardest with changes in strategies.

The US consumer market is just not ready for a full transition to EVs, and the burden here, should not be placed on consumers.

The issue of moving to a sustainable future shouldn’t be controversial though!

Simply put, there is no larger issue for the global society in my opinion than shifting to a sustainable energy future.

In particular one that does not rely upon fossil fuels.

A lot of people believe that the shift to green energy is to save the planet.

It’s not the case.

The planet will be just fine, with or without humans.

And there is plenty of oil.

The reason why it’s important to shift to green energy, is to sustain the human race.

Anyone reading this message will be likely fine, with a changing climate.

But your children?

And their children?

And their children?

Climate change outcomes could become catastrophic if the shift to green energy doesn’t happen as much as it needs to in the coming years.

Disease. Weather catastrophe. Food chain disruption. Displacing billions of people near the equator.

These are the reasons why there is so much conversation around sustainable energy solutions.

Should we carry the burden of paying a sustainable environment forward?

I personally can’t see why not.

But it’ll take a ton of cooperation and commitment.

Green energy itself has proven to be more efficient than traditional fossil fuel methods for generating electricity.

It’s the transformation needed in the mobility sector where we struggle the most.

I don’t think a full infrastructure for electric charging will ever happen in the US.

I’d love to see the mobility sector move to reasonably priced HEVs and ICE hydrogen vehicles.

Only the ICE hydrogen vehicles would need new infrastructure in place to support it, which is quite feasible. There is great promise here.

Continued progress with nuclear fusion continues to offer hope. A real possibility for the later half of the century.

Article citing updated advancements in nuclear fusion published yesterday, included in the comments below.

35-46, clouds.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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