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Super, Super Bowl


A great Super Bowl for the ages.

Through 2 quarters, this is what I thought I was going to write today.

The line play dictated the outcome of this game.

The players in the trenches, who don’t get the notoriety as others, because they don’t touch the ball, were the key reasons why SF won.

Just like in business, companies are only ever as good as the people who are doing the hard work, the starting point of all the action.

The workers on the line in a plant. The workers handling the materials in the supply chain.

Unsung heroes, who show up every day, and do their job, so that the company can exist.

That’s the story of Super Bowl LVIII.


But then, 28 year old Patrick Mahomes did what he always does, and flipped the script.

He put on his cape, and did things no other QB in the league can do.

And he lead the Chiefs to an unforgettable overtime victory.

Throwing, running, converting 3rd and 4th downs into first downs, down the stretch.

The story once again, is that the QB position matters most in the NFL, and Patrick Mahomes matters more than any other QB (apologies to all the Swifties, it’s not TE).

It’s why Patrick Mahomes earned $59.35M last year.

A throwing, running, improvising, leadership combination, that has never been seen in the NFL before.

And now he has 3 Super Bowl victories, 3 Super MVPs, 2 NFL MVP Awards, among a flurry of other accomplishments.

So yes, in business, it all starts with the people on the front line. Without them, nothing is possible.

But the star employees who put up big numbers, and have the talent, and do things nobody else can do …. yeah … go get them too.


Congrats to Jake Moody, local Northville High School product, who set a Super Bowl record with a 55 yard field goal in the first quarter (the record lasted 2 quarters … but still … accomplishment).

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to SF LB Dre’ Greenlaw who tore his Achilles Tendon while running onto the field … just brutal.

Did you know the Detroit Tigers drafted Patrick Mahomes out of HS in the 37th round of the 2014 MLB Draft?

28-40, sunshine.

Happy Super Bowl Monday, everyone!

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