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Ford made an updated offer to the UAW.

The UAW is in conversations with General Motors.

Stellantis conversations are lingering.

25,000 UAW members are now on strike, and thousands of others have been laid off.

At least 100,000 other jobs have been negatively impacted (the 5 to 1 impact ratio for every industry worker that is affected when 1 UAW worker strikes)

There are no signs of an agreement, anytime soon.

But least there are hints at dialogue now … direct communication with each other … and not just blood spilling in the media or social media.

How long will it be until the strike ends?

Nobody knows for sure, but my best guess is that we are at least 2-3 weeks out, possibly more …

I’d be thrilled to be wrong.

Average strikes in America are 5 days long … we’re 19 days in now.

The sooner the better.

It’s easy to shut down and stop a supply chain.

What’s difficult, is starting it back up.

Each added day of delay, adds to the strain of the re-start.

What is on the near-term horizon can best be described by Clubber Lane when asked to predict the outcome of the fight in Rocky III …



He has inflicted the pain he hoped for and continues to turn the knife into the lower gut of the Detroit 3, and all of the industry for that matter … dealers, freight carriers, parts suppliers, service companies …. you name it … they’ve been impacted.

Hopefully only a few more twists … and then back to business.

It’ll be interesting to see what ends first …. the strike … or Taylor / Travis?

Or is Travis the one?!!

61-81 … another spectacular fall day.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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