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Short-Term v Long-Term Hiring Approach


We have a client where we’ve placed several people over the past 9 years.

Last year and half … crickets …

They hired a new TA Director, and she’s not interested in paying fees.

Wants to handle all recruiting in-house, with an internal team.

She shows no fees paid on the recruiting cost line item and gets praised for it.

Can’t blame her for not wanting to go to the outside.

She’s dialed in to the executives who are managing the business.

Short Term on a quarterly budget report … costs look good.

Meanwhile, the company is struggling with hiring … open requisitions need to be filled.

The internal recruiters haven’t been able to deliver in this particular instance.

It’s not their fault.

Only so many people match the DM campaign or reply to the ads they are allowed to post.

And internal recruiters don’t have final say on compensation packages offered.

As the world turns …

SCN is connected in the industry.

And has placed people superior people that otherwise may have been hired by this company … with other companies … new clients.

These new clients are thanking us …. key people we placed who they couldn’t have found on their own, are impacting their business quickly.

The cycle of business.

Short-Term v Long-Term thinking never won’t be a challenge with company Execs in the USA (European and Asian companies tend to take long-view approaches).

When guarding a business … both short-term and long-term outlooks should be considered.

And a simple way of conducting a short-term / long-term audit on production … assessment of the people on the team … are good people producing in all of the seats that need to be filled?

UM’s decision to hire … and stick with Harbaugh … a long-term outlook … finally paid off … the team returned last night and were greeted by thousands … their legacy forever cemented in the annals of Michigan Football … they recruited better players than any other team and put them on display on their run to the National Title.

30-33, clouds.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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Jim Guerrera

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