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SCN’s #1


Proud that our office received the #1 Growth Award within the MRINetwork for the Calendar Year ending 2023.

Thank you to our clients for giving us the opportunity to support you.

Thanks also to the SCN – Search Consulting Network associates who helped make this happen.

Gregg Arneson
Ellen Bartush
Tatyana Berger
Stacey Bernson
Jessica Birndorf
Caryn Blaszczak
Todd Broski
Barbara Castellini
Dennis Dean
Erin Foster
Sarah Kassab
Matt Hannah
Chad Harkelroad
Frederick Heegan
Elizabeth Jerrell, MBA
Samson Kakos
Sarah Hamilton
Ryan Krokos
Traci Krug
Jonathan Marshall
Alaina Martoia
Kara Mendelson
Justin Misaras
Brendan Moriarty
Susan Perris
Daniel Ramón
Francine Rodriguez
Sarah Vereecke
Tiffany Wilson
Amber Zander

In full transparency, it doesn’t mean we hit all of our goals. There were a lot of headwinds this past year.

It means we grew better than the other 250+ offices in the network.

It’s a terrific award and we’re fortunate to have received it a few times over the years (out of 250 – 1,000+).

Over the past 23 years, we’ve also had the #1 Recruiter Award Received (out of 500+), we’ve had the #1 Account Executive, (out of 3,000+), and we’ve had 3 separate people receive the Rookie of the Year Award. When I ran a recruiting desk several years ago, I was the #1 Producer several times.

Previous to my MRI world, I was fortunate to receive the #1 salesperson award (out of 150+), and then as a sales manager the #1 sales region (out of 17).

I like to enjoy it for about a minute, and then move forward onto the next task.

One of our superstar sales recruiters is out of sorts if she isn’t close to sniffing to the #1 ranking.

Most of our associates truly aspire for growth and achievement, because it’s in their DNA.

That’s the key.

Can’t force it.

Thanks for allowing me to flex a bit here on this Friday morning.

I can assure you, it’s all behind us now, and our pure focus is turned back now to our clients.

How can we do even better for them?

How can we help them hit their goals?

Snow today. Schools closed. Accidents everywhere.

Congrats to the OU Grizzlies on the Big W yesterday!

Make it a great day, everyone!


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