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Right People, Right Seat


Is anything more important in business?

Right people, right seat, is just about everything in a successful organization.

Easier said than done!

I had a conversation late last night with an Automotive CEO.

He was talking about how much he likes a certain person on his leadership team.

But they weren’t getting the job done.

No traction with his team.

Well … what about finding a new role for the person?

Right person … just find a different slot for them.


The secret sauce of management.

Getting the right people in the right slot

Wrong person, wrong seat …. that unfortunately is time to make a change away from the organization.

By the way, Mr. CEO, now that you have an opening on your leadership team, let me ask a few questions and see if SCN can help you solve some of your hiring problems …. ha!

Gotta keep the antenna up!

What’s not up today is the temperature, a bit cooler, 42 degrees. No rain, no sun.

March Madness.

Make it a great day everyone!


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Jim Guerrera

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