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We’ve had an influx of resumes sent to SCN – Search Consulting Network recently.
People looking to change positions.
Many of these people simply do not like their manager.
This has held true for the past 23 years, since the inception of SCN.
Bad employee / employer relationships = high turnover.
OK, so what are these managers doing that is causing people to leave?
The answers vary.


Unrealistic expectations.

Pressure to produce quickly.

Lasting issues in the world of work, as true as the sun coming up tomorrow (well, maybe not in SE-MI outside of June, July, and August).

Biggest reason for candidates wanting to leave …. managers failing to communicate expectations and a failure to communicate support for the employee to achieve success.
Remote and hybrid work have added incredibly to the challenge of communication between employee and employer.
How could it not?
Managers out there worried about people on your team … proactively get your touches in … not urgent, but important.
What’s important and urgent over here on this Tuesday AM, is coffee and a trip to the Paczki station.

It’s my understanding that we were able to obtain zero calorie Paczki’s this year.

Make it a great day everyone!

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Jim Guerrera

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Jim Guerrera

Jim Guerrera, Managing Director, founded SCN in 2000. Jim is primarily responsible for the development of the leaders at SCN, strategic planning, the hiring and development of company associates, culture leadership, core value leadership, sales le...

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