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If authority is bestowed upon is, there is a responsibility to use it wisely, and ethically.

That’s not what happened on Friday morning in Louisville, KY, when a police officer arrested Scottie Scheffler, and then handcuffed him, booked him, and charged him on 4 accounts including a felony.

Scheffler, the world’s #1 ranked golfer, was pulling into the Valhalla golf club at 5 am to prep for his early am tee time.

There was confusion at the scene, especially because an early am accident that resulted in death, for a vendor at the tournament, caused huge traffic delays, and a lot of overall chaos on the road. According to spectators, he did nothing wrong, and was just following instructions.

Scheffler had his credentials, marked vehicle signifying that he was a golfer, and was waved in and apparently a different officer who was not associated with the tournament didn’t take to Scheffler’s move into the Valhalla drive lightly.

Scheffler had his orange mug shot that was quickly released online to prove it.

In even more irony, after Scheffler was booked he was escorted back to the tournament …. by the police … expeditiously so that he could make his tee time (we can assume, they realized a huge mistake had been made).

According to reports, all of the charges against Scheffler will be dropped.

Controversy and abuse of power are not new for the Louisville Police Department, who in March of 2023, after a nearly two-year investigation by the United States Department of Justice showed Louisville police have a history of excessive force, constitutional violations, under-reported incidents, invalid warrants and systemic racist practices.

Using power granted to us wisely is paramount.

A great example of this is Scheffler himself, who has an incredible platform as the World’s #1 ranked golfer.

He released a statement without blame of others, cited the misunderstanding, expressed sympathy for the person who lost their life, and overall took the high road.

All tension released from the situation. PR Masterclass.

Now … how do we relieve tension when trying to make 12 footers under pressure?

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Make it a great day, everyone!

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