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Responsibility When in A Position Of Influence

What is your level of responsibility when you are in a position of influence?
To yourself only?
The organization you represent only?
To the larger collective group, that is impacted by a ripple effect?
Just recently, our dysfunctional US congress was able to avoid yet another government shutdown.
Even though political parties, and congress member world views and personal interests are polar opposites, there is never a reason for them to not continue operation.
Because, so many people would be negatively impacted with unnecessary hardship.

Abuse of power has been rampant since the beginning of time.

Is Fain fighting the abuse of power from the Detroit 3 and the billionaires?

Or is he beginning to abuse power himself?

Probably depends on the side in which one leans …

Hundreds of thousands now who are not UAW members are suffering hardship, unnecessarily.

Could it have been avoided?

I think so.

The car makers want a deal as much as anyone does.

There is no need to keep dragging things out.

The collateral damage will ruin regular, innocent, hard working families because a Mom and Dad who were just out there, trying to do their job … now can’t, because of the strike.

Fain continues to quote the Christian Bible as well as Nation of Islam leader Malcom X, while he feverishly pursues the almighty dollar on behalf of the UAW.

Just as he has accused the car makers of doing so.

The billionaires.

It’s not ‘billionaires’ out there who are getting clobbered by this strike.

It’s the ripple effect to the entire auto industry.

Suppliers, freight carriers, dealers.

Service people.

Every day Americans, who would give their arm and a leg to be in the 70th – 75th percentile from a compensation and benefits perspective, like UAW workers.

I’m curious about your perspective, to the level of responsibility that Fain owns right now. Please jump in below.

59-76, sunshine.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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What is Fain’s responsibility, in his position that has incredible influence?

The author can see how you vote. Learn moreWhat is Fain’s responsibility, in his position that has incredible influence?

To the UAW only?


1 and also all other unions


Entire automotive industry


Other – please comment below


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