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The Harbaugh brothers have made it to the center of the football universe.

Jim, lead U of M to the National Championship in College Football and was named head coach of the LA Chargers.

John, just lead the Baltimore Ravens to the AFC Championship Game.

There are many things that make them great coaches.

One of which, is their ability to lead, and unite their players, and to play together and to play with pride.

And to earn their victories.

They had a great teacher, their father Jack, who was a successful football coach himself.

Here’s a great story told by Jack, (that the Harbaugh Brothers have told to all of their teams) ….

A story about Muhammad Ali, considered by many to be the greatest Heavyweight Champ of all time, and also a humanitarian, philanthropist, and political activist.

Cassius Clay just won the world heavy weight championship and changed his name to Muhammad Ali.

His next opponent, Ernie Terrell refused to acknowledge him as Muhammad Ali.

MA: “You do know my name, it’s Muhammad Ali”.

ET: “No … you’ll always be Cassius Clay to me”.

MA: “Before this fight’s over, you’ll call me Muhammad Ali. You’ll give me the respect that I deserve”.

During the fight, Muhammad Ali punched and asked, ‘What’s my name?! What’s my name?!” At least 15 times per round according to the spectators who sat ring side.

Ernie Terrell at one point was going to go down, but Muhammad Ali wouldn’t let him.

By the 12th round, Ernie Terrell said … “Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali. … Your name is Muhammad Ali”….


You don’t ask for it.

You don’t plead for it.

You earn it.

Channeling Aretha Franklin, here in the ‘D’ .. ‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T’ ….

29-42, sunny .. balmy.

Make it a great day, everyone!

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