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We’re working on 15 plus positions right now in Quality Engineering, all over the country.

1) A few clients – give us the best person available, regardless of their compensation. We can’t afford to go on the cheap with a hire in quality engineering.

2) Other Clients – we are locked into a tight budget on the quality engineering hire, no room to move here.


Ford just announced it will be sending 144,000 trucks (F-150s and Rangers) to Dealers in North America.

Many of these vehicles are ‘pent up’ demand, but were held back to fix warranty repairs.

Quality problems are incredibly costly, these alone have cost Ford over $4B.

For suppliers who have recalls on parts, or if they force a production line to stop, it’s an incredibly costly proposition. I’ve seen suppliers go out of business due to poor quality.

High quality, is never a poor investment.

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Have you seen a manufacturing cut corners regarding quality, and if so, was it costly for them?

The author can see how you vote. Learn moreHave you seen a manufacturing cut corners regarding quality, and if so, was it costly for them?

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