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Someone mentioned to me recently, that professionalism was declining rapidly in society.

Got me thinking.

Timely response to all inquiries, internally and externally.
Starting work early, ending late if deadlines need to be met.
Concise answers to questions.
Getting ahead of problems.

Solving problems.
Giving 80, expecting 20.
Proactively adding value.
Doing what you say you will.
Meeting deadlines.
Never toxic.
Keeping composure.
Firm handshakes.
Looking people in the eyes.
Avoiding gossip.
Taking initiative.
Embracing conversations over digital communication
Sharply dressed … channeling ZZ Top …
If you did some of these things, would you stand out in a good way?
Do these things matter these days?
How would you define professionalism?
Maybe there are other things that you can think of as well?
Am I just old and crazy thinking that these things are important?
Let me know your thoughts on the survey below!
51-69, sun, clouds.
Make it a great day, everyone!
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Is professionalism rising, flat, or declining? (maybe drop examples in comments below).

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