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Problems or Promise?


Spoke to a CEO friend of a large manufacturing company over the weekend, and asked him how it was going.

“It’s brutal. We need to fix this … and this person John Doe is causing chaos … problems everywhere …”.

“Wow, sorry to hear that .. how are sales”?

“Record year, crushing it”.

Why can’t the great performers live rent free in our minds?

Why does it always have to be the 1- 3 problems, and not the 90% promising things that are happening?

I tend to look at problem situations first in my life as well.

I’ve seen clients leave after one problem situation before, when 98% of the work for them has been good.

I also see value in leveraging the ‘really good’ stuff that is happening in the organization … things that often times are taken for granted.

See what is working and duplicate.

Divergent actions for improvement.

Gotta run now, a few fires to put out.

38 degrees and rainy, blah here in SE-MI today … but switching the mind, imagining a perfect Michigan summer day, looking at the lake, Summer Shandy in hand.

Make it a great day, everyone!


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