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Checking stuff off lists.
Short term work.
Long term work.
Short term personal.
Long-term personal
The To Do lists never end.
Laying on my death bed with a huge to do list.
That’s one of my book ideas for someday down the road.

I’ll have considered myself satisfied posthumously if the important items were checked off and completed!


Prioritization is paramount.

You will never get through it all if you are pushing and living an active life in society.
So then, what are the most important problems that need solving?
Force rank.

Tackle the harder problems in the am, and easier ones in the pm.
And then whittle away, 1 x 1.

Easier said than done!

Too many distractions and too much time spent on important and not urgent work …. possibly amplified to the 1 millionth power with remote work.

Plenty of time to hit your goals in 2023.

Habitual prioritization will help you get to where you want to be!

Ibuprofen and coffee at the top of my list today. Had a filling replaced yesterday, and the head is still pounding a bit.

Why didn’t I listen to my mother’s important and urgent tasks and brush my teeth when I was 7 years old? …

See what happens?

Make it a great day everyone – TGIF!

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