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PHEVs Please …


Most of us who are connected to the automotive industry know what PHEVs are.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (has a gasoline AND an electric drivetrain, to give it power).

A close cousin to an EV and HEV.

An EV is an Electric Vehicle (only has an electric drivetrain for power … think golf cart and Tesla and the battery is charged by a plug into the vehicle).

An HEV is a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (can’t be plugged in and charges an electric drivetrain from gasoline and also stores energy in batteries from ‘braking’ the vehicle, think Prius).

GM announced yesterday they are going all in on the PHEV option for customers.

It is by far the quickest and best way to attack climate challenges in the near term, while still allowing vehicle owners the freedom of mobility with their vehicles.

There is not a realistic charging infrastructure in place for a fully EV society.

And the PHEV is much more efficient than an HEV and because the battery can be charged from a plug, it allows for more electric range when driving (20 – 40 miles).

The strategy to move to PHEV platforms is a much better one than EV or HEV platforms …. assuming the economics work for consumers.

The only question I have is … why take so long to move in this direction?

Better late than never.

Your thoughts on carmakers moving to PHEV platforms?

30-37, clouds, sun.

Articles Linked in Comments Below:

1. Article from 2007, talking about the great benefits of PHEV options, but the carmakers and market were not interested.

2. Article on GM releasing plug-in hybrid vehicles, backtracking on product plans.

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Assuming overall costs are competitive for all vehicle options, your preferred vehicle option?

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EV (fully electric only)


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