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Passion for Success


Beyond fortunate to see Taylor Swift over the weekend.

The star of all stars.

I’m not her target demographic profile, but I thought she was spectacular.

Passion for success.

That’s my best description of Taylor.

You see it and feel it when she performs.

It’s noticeable in the details of the production. 

Finding that level of passion for success, in the modern business world?


Strive for it.

The closer we can get to it … good Karma, coming your way.

52-68, cloudy.

Make it a great Monday, everyone!


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Jim Guerrera

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Jim Guerrera

Jim Guerrera, Managing Director, founded SCN in 2000. Jim is primarily responsible for the development of the leaders at SCN, strategic planning, the hiring and development of company associates, culture leadership, core value leadership, sales le...

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